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AOP-Mozilla Hack Day Video

AOP-Mozilla HackdayAOP Hack Day at the AOP Summit 2011, Powered by Mozilla #aophd
‘A dynamic day of fast-paced real-time software development, an experiment in demonstrating the future of publishing, today’

Winners Announced

After a very close vote, the winning project picked by the judges (and the rest of the hackers following a tie!) was the HTML5 Events App - which allows events promoters to save drafts and compile events listings both on and offline. The judges said the project responded to a pressing issue facing AOP members businesses, offered a working, viable product in a very short space of time, made smart use of HTML5 and could be useful to a wide range of publishers. The runner-up project was the Video Wall, which incorporate various ad formats and introduced an exciting new way for publishers to display their video content. The hack day prizes were shared by both teams. The hack day teams brought together collaborators from a range of companies, including: Centaur, IPC, BBC, Newsquest, News International, Time Out, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, Haymarket, Incisive and Future Publishing. The judges commended all the teams for their impressive work over the 1.5 days of hacking - Full details on each of the different projects and video from the judging session to follow... Mozilla News Innovation Specialist Phillip Smith explains the aims of the AOP-Mozilla Hack Day, taking place on 13-14 October. The video also includes some short clips of a few of the hack day teams explaining their projects. Hack Day Storify - photos, tweets, links and updates from the first day. Full details on the Hack Day. Thanks to the Inquirer for the use of their interview with Phillip.

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