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AOP Commercial Committee to be led by Dennis Publishing

Dennis  AOP is pleased to announce Jamie Labate, Dennis Publishing MD Advertising will lead the AOP Commercial committee as Chairman.

Jamie brings the experience of 5 years running New Scientist and out of the B2B company Reed Business Information and then latterly 4.5 years at Dennis Publishing - initially focusing on digital and Trading Director and latterly a more holistic and strategic role as Deputy MD of Advertising for the whole Company. He is a long term advocate of the AOP, helping lead Mobile Advertising working groups for us, as well as speaking at various AOP events.

I will bring a consolidated voice on key issues, and not be afraid to challenge the accepted might of media land. I will re-focus on what makes us special - the role of premium and content in everything we do - and with that how we can make money from it. The polarisation between content marketing and cheap network display is happening exponentially. What the AOP can do to ensure we play at the former and more lucrative of those 2 poles? I'd like to be part of that.Jamie Labate

Jamie will be supported by Sam Finlay, IPC Head of Digital Advertising as Vice Chairman, providing senior support on the AOP’s Commercial committee to ensure Premium Publisher’s commercial interests are best represented.
Jamie takes over from James Brown, Telegraph GM Digital Advertising. AOP would like to thank James for his time in charge of the committee.


About the AOP Commercial Committee

The AOP Commercial Committee is focused on unifying publishers to pool knowledge and expertise in exploring common issues and opportunities particularly through project groups in emerging areas of commercial focus - data, video, mobile and engagement. The committee aims to ensure that publishers commercial interests are represented with agencies and suppliers and that industry initiatives are prominent within the group.
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