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Video: Anthony Rose at AOP VoD & the Rise of Connected TV event

The former YouView CTO and Future Media Controller for BBC featured at AOP’s first forum of the year. In this video, he explains the opportunities for publishers in connected TV, gives his views on Google TV and the 'new gatekeepers', and hints at what his next project might be.

Anthony Rose at AOP VoD & the Rise of Connect TV event

With the number of UK web-connected TV sets to grow from 2 to 7m this year, Anthony Rose, ex-CTO, YouView and Future Media Controller, BBC stressed the importance of first-mover advantage in this area, “You have to trade clear monetisation today versus audience in future. BBC is seeing 5-10% growth per week on connected TV.”

Rose argued that the BBC's approach to getting iPlayer onto every available platform and device has played a key role in driving demand for connected TVs sets, an area currently being led by Sony and Samsung.

Since Connected TVs use web technologies we’re familiar with, such as Java, HTML etc, the obvious pitfall is to think it translates directly from the web, but TV has a different role, UX and form of attention. Search doesn’t work in TV (as Google has found in this area, he argued) - ‘demand is manufactured.’

Instead, publishers and broadcasters should plumb for ‘suggested discovery’, for instance personalising content on connected TV by factors like postcode, time of day and user demographic.

He went on to highlight three emerging types of enablers who are helping publishers reach connected TV audiences:

  • A host of suppliers, who will build you a portal site or app which works across the various devices on the market (the Connected TV, Capablue, Ioko, easeltv)
  • (miniweb)'s ‘mall’ model where you submit your content to an aggregator
  • And the Rightster model, a kind of media clearing agency – matching distributors with content publishers

AOP members can download a useful summary of all the different web TV platformsDownload Type: pdf
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on the market, provided by the the Connected TV.

Members can also download presentations from the event.

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