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Anthony Rose on 'augmentainment' & the future of TV

Anthony Rose of Zeebox's AOP Summit Keynote - 3 minute highlights
Highlights from Anthony Rose’s keynote at the AOP Summit. Anthony is the Co-Founder of 'augmentainment' app Zeebox, which launched earlier this month: “The hottest thing you don’t know about”
  • 2nd screen viewing apps are seeing an intense amount of activity in US – and “the hottest thing you don’t know about” at present – Rose predicts their rise in Europe “is going to happen incredibly quickly”
  • Device manufacturers are increasingly becoming the gate keeper/owner of the consumer through connected TVs but launching anything on a set top box is a very slow process – while the second screen/tablet area is a "pioneering land"
  • The problem with programme-specific apps is they’re not very scaleable – you're effectively asking the user to download a new app each time they want to change the channel.
The changing tides of who owns the audience Rose outlined how the growth of 2nd screen viewing might make broadcasters move from their current model:
Traditional model for broadcasting
To one more like Channel 4/New Look’s Style the Nation – with the sponsor owning the audience relationship and effectively acting as content owner, and the broadcaster becoming distributor, almost ISP.
A new model for broadcasting
He added that the key to this new model will be who owns the second screen and the revenue opportunities around it.
Anthony Rose on New Look & Channel 4's Style the Nation - 1 min
Companion ads on 2nd screens 'deeply disruptive'
  • Automated content recognition (ACR) is something you’ll be hearing a lot of - where video fingerprinting is used to identify ads/content on live TV, in the same way that Google spiders the internet - and enables companion ads that synchronise with live TV on other devices
  • While TV ads have no analytics/personalisation, companion ads can be timed, personalised and targetable - little wonder Rose says advertisers are eyeing the “deeply disruptive” second screen
  • Companion ads could be competitor ads – for example, a Reebok ad appearing on the device as a Nike ad is playing on your TV.
  • The question remains however - who will be selling these ads? Publishers, app makers or agencies?
Zeebox and augmentainment In developing Zeebox, Rose asked himself what would be the ideal second screen app – consumer research suggested the three things people want while watching are:
  • More information on location, actors etc that comes to you ‘magically’ in an instant
  • To buy related items as you watch – songs
  • To find more episodes
The 'watch with friends' and social media elements saw a big split, with over 35s not keen and under 35s unable to live without them. Zeebox's PR firm claims it isn't a new product, but rather a new product category - augmentainment.
Anthony Rose Summit Keynote - extended highlights - 12 min
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