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Annelies Van Den Belt, CEO of Sup, video interview at AOP Summit 2008

Annelies Van Den Belt, CEO of Sup talks to AOP

Annelies joined SUP on June 1, 2008, to take the position of General Manager SUP Russia and CIS. In this role she was responsible for all of SUP’s activities in these markets and she restructured the business into SUP Media and SUP Russia.

Annelies joined ITV consumer on January 8, 2007 as Managing Director for ITV Broadband. In this position she launched the first commercial TV site on the web in the UK.

Prior to ITV she was Director of New Media at Telegraph Media Group. At TMG she was responsible for all New Media products and platform and re- launched the main website in May 2006.

Previously she worked at News International where she joined the group as Business Development Director in 2000. From there Annelies became Digital Director of the Times Newspaper Group’s online sites and then Deputy Advertising Sales Director for both The Times and The Sunday Newspapers. Annelies was with the company until 2005.

Prior to her digital roles at News International in London, Annelies who is fluent in six languages, worked in countries around the world, including Russia, Japan and Holland. Whilst in Russia she was the publisher of a range of publications including The Moscow Times, St Petersburg Times, Russia Business Review, Russian Playboy and launched Men’s Health there in December 1997.

Before embarking on her career Annelies studied in both Holland and Japan.

Video produced by BigKid London

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