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Alfa Romeo runs personalised video ad campaign with Videology

VideologyPartnership between Videology and Eyeview enables targeted, personalised video ads Videology, a video advertising solutions platform, has announced a partnership with Eyeview to combine targeting with personalised video advertising in the UK for the first time. The aim is to allow marketers to combine Videology’s advanced targeting and data handling with Eyeview’s dynamic video technology to deliver hyper-relevant messages to consumers. The two companies ran a first test campaign with GroupM agency Maxus for Alfa Romeo, creating messages that use real-time data feeds to customise creative based on local weather conditions, location, current deals and prices, demographics and other user information. Enhanced video ads enabled Alfa Romeo to deliver consistent national brand messages while also tailoring them for specific consumers and driving traffic to local dealers. Results for the campaign, which ran in August and September, showed a 49% lift in overall brand awareness and a 21% improvement in click-through when compared to Videology’s benchmark for automotive video ads. Videology and Eyeview are currently working with Maxus on further campaigns for Alfa Romeo and other clients.videology ad Alfa Romeo “Videology’s mission is to provide advertisers and their agencies with innovative and scalable video solutions to more effectively achieve an advertiser’s campaign objectives through technology and creativity,” said Jana Eisenstein, Videology UK’s Managing Director: “Advertisers have been asking for a way to connect with consumers that combines the unique capabilities of digital and video. This partnership leverages audience data beyond what’s been done before, allowing us to create and target video advertising in new, more powerful ways. Eyeview’s technology allows video creative to achieve its full digital potential by personalising video ads, and delivering a more targeted experience to the customer than television’s “one-size-fits-all” approach. Such sophisticated personalisation enables online video to demonstrate its powerful performance against key TV-like metrics such as lift purchase intent, favourability, memorability and overall brand experience.  About Videology Videology is a video advertising solution that works across all platforms—online, mobile, addressable television and other emerging delivery systems—to flawlessly connect some of the world’s most powerful brands with their targeted consumers. Videology is currently the primary video ad decisioning technology used by several, major agency holding companies to execute and optimize video advertising campaigns for their clients.  The company is headquartered in Baltimore, MD, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and London.

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