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'King of Internet' Alex Blagg to speak at AOP Summit

Alex BlaggFastCompany magazine calls him the 'most influential social media guru online' - self-confessed ‘king of the whole internet’ Alex Blagg will make his first ever European appearance at the AOP Summit, our annual flagship event, which returns to the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza in London on 14 October:

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Alex Blagg, Founder & CEO of was an early adopter of America Online, and pioneered online dating almost 12 years prior to the advent of, when he successfully carried on a long-distance Internet relationship with a girl named Heidi who he met in a Batman Forever chatroom.
Since formally bursting into the blogosphere in 2004 with BlaggBlogg, a bastion of web-based humor that is widely considered to be a modern blog classic by a niche group of influential media professionals, Alex has created a very large digital footprint on the Internet, having run a string of successful celebrity and pop culture sites for business giants such as Viacom, Microsoft and Gawker Media.

Alex has been nominated for the prestigious Webby award countless times, and has won twice. In his seven years as a leading blog and social media professional, Alex’s cross-platform content has driven over a bajillion hits.

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AOP Summit 2011
The AOP Digital Publishing Summit is our annual flagship event, taking place this year on 14 October at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London.

Alex Blagg in action