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Alex Blagg takes networking 'to the next lev' at AOP Summit

Before giving an AOP Summit keynote that many delegates said was the most accurate presentation on social media they had ever seen, Founder, CEO, Stratmaster and parody of all things digital Alex Blagg worked the floor to make some top new contacts. In this video, he speaks to Maxifier, Admeld, Everything Everywhere and and explains why his next level strat is set to explode several people's brains. In his own words - 'humility is just a form of insecurity':
King of the Internet Alex Blagg working the floor at AOP Summit
"England I don't think is even ready for this. It's like when the Beatles came to the US, but way more culturally and historically relevant & important."
More videos from the Summit, as well as the AOP/Mozilla Hack Day to follow soon. Music: Circle of Willis by Monkey See Monkey Do (with apologies to Alex for linking to MySpace) Links and tweets from the AOP Summit

AOP Summit 2011 Sponsors

AOP Summit 2011 sponsors

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