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Does your age define your favoured online brand?

Twenty-somethings veer towards the powerful web giants and thirty somethings head straight for the retailers, but it's the forty-somethings and over who are the least exclusive internet audience.

The latest internet research from Nielsen//Netratings looks at the brands where we are most likely to find different age groups. The research considers children and teenagers, twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings and the over fifties.

Unsurprisingly, children and teenagers spend their time online visiting game brands and social networking sites. Twenty-somethings are drawn towards the more popular brands such as BSkyB (18 percent) whilst a large proportion of thirty-somethings go online to address money matters - 30 percent of Barclays audience fit into this age bracket.

There is less of a predictability with the forty-somethings, however, who represent a variety of sectors ranging from Premium TV (45 percent) to Genes Reunited (40 percent). Alex Burmaster, European Internet Analyst at Nielsen//NetRatings says it is this age group that represents "one of the great attributes of the Internet in how it helps people meet all manner of needs they have in their daily lives more effectively."

Those in their fifties and above also cross sectors but their keenness to use the web as a source of information is more evident. It is brands such as IncrediMail and the Telegraph which draw a high proportion of this age group.

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