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AdTruth Announces Technology Partnership With Evidon

AdTruth has announced a new technology partnership with Evidon to foster consumer privacy via its "Ad Control" Mobile Privacy App.

The partnership will enable greater consumer control over in-app privacy on mobile devices. "Ad Control" is a key element of Evidon InForm Mobile, which enables consumers to opt-out of in-app or cross-app advertising. As a result of this partnership, AdTruth's clients can detect and respect consumers' privacy choices made via Evidon's Ad Control. Given the explosive growth of mobile channel, and the increasing value and volume of in-app marketing, the ability to respect consumers' privacy choices is a top priority for responsible marketers. Evidon's Ad Control, supported by AdTruth's device recognition technology, is a valuable tool for achieving this goal. "Ad Control provides a critical ability for consumers to take control of how their information is collected and shared across mobile," said Scott Meyer, Evidon CEO. "Our clients want to respect their customers' privacy preferences wherever they connect, including within the exploding app market. AdTruth has developed an effective approach that can detect and convey a consumer's choice, as signaled by our Ad Control technology, to others in the mobile marketing ecosystem. We're pleased to be working with AdTruth to provide an industry-driven model for respecting consumers' in-app privacy." For further information on AdTruth click here.
For further information on Evidon click here