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ADTECH extends commitment to mobile with market-first Apple mobile & carrier identification

Christian Ruck, ADTECH Principal Product Manager As mobile and tablets become more ubiquitous, a greater understanding of what devices being used by individuals in consuming content is becoming key to how advertising is delivered. Great consumer experience, responsive design and award winning advertising are all dependent on one key premise; knowing what devices content is being consumed on. Until recently, detailed device detection was unfeasible across Apple mobile and tablet products, however, today I’m pleased to announce that ADTECH has created an industry first solution with our partners dotMobi that addresses this issue. We can now offer real-time recognition of Apple mobile and tablet devices as well as carrier networks to accurately target and serve digital advertising across AOL Platforms offerings including Marketplace, Pictela,AdLearn Open Platform and As part of our commitment to mobile overall, ADTECH already offers the solution across all other leading mobile and tablet devices. Market-first Apple hardware identification DeviceAtlas enables ADTECH to be first to identify requests from different Apple devices such as an iPhone 4 versus and iPhone 5S. This makes it possible to deliver the most optimal ad in real time in the right environment, increasing consumer engagement and delivering advertisers and publishers a higher return on investment. With the new technology advertisers can precisely target advertising creatives and receive granular reporting, which was not previously possible due to Apple’s browser headers schema.   According to Ronan McCarthy Director of Global Advertising Operations at PERFORM Group, one of the first publishers to avail of the solution, device targeting enables their business increase yield through the creation of premium advertising packages for advertisers. When they partner the right device with the right creative, and the right brand, performance improves significantly. As device targeting is an integrated solution within ADTECH, Perform’s chosen ad server, this is a cost effective solution since it removes the need to partner with the multitude of self-service-providers on the market. With publishers moving to responsive design it is quickly becoming increasingly important to reliably separate desktop, mobile and tablet traffic. Device targeting has clearly helped Perform to tap into this lucrative market and create custom sales packages for tablet and other cross device usage.