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StrikeAd partners with Admeld to bring mobile RTB to the UK

StrikeAd, the UK’s first dedicated mobile demand side platform (DSP), has teamed up with Admeld, the company that helps the world’s top online publishers sell ads smarter, to bring real time bidding (RTB) to the UK’s mobile advertising market.

The agreement enables advertisers to target mobile consumers in the UK with the same efficiency and precision that is fueling explosive growth in the online display environment. The main advantage of RTB for buyers is the ability to view all the impressions in an exchange, and only execute campaigns against the right target audience.

In the traditional ad network ecosystem, networks are assigned a pre-determined set of impressions, in which they hope to find the audiences they are looking for. For publishers, Admeld’s RTB platform provides more control, increased fill rate, and higher prices for their inventory. Admeld launched RTB in the UK in December 2009.

Admeld is working with key UK media owners with strong mobile platforms to ensure a strong supply of inventory for mobile RTB and expanding its mobile presence in Europe rapidly.

“Mobile plays an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives and brands need to utilise the mobile web to reach them. StrikeAd’s partnership with Admeld lets advertisers identify the consumers they want to reach and deliver highly targeted advertising to them in real time. RTB is growing rapidly in the online space and mobile will follow the same path. This is the first step on that journey,” says Alex Rahaman, CEO of StrikeAd.

“The development of RTB is a step change for publishers, it enables them to earn more from the audiences they work so hard to attract for their content… Adding mobile RTB makes us even more attractive to demand sources, ensuring that publishers earn more,” says Tom Jenen, EMEA Commercial Director at Admeld.

Admeld is an Associate Member of AOP.

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