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Adestra joins AOP as Associate Member

Email service provider Adestra has joined AOP as an Associate Member. With a number of existing media owner clients, this furthers Adestra’s commitment to the publishing sector, as its team aims to build new partnerships with brands looking to improve their email marketing results.

Often the primary communications channel for publishers, email is critical to their marketing strategy – get it right and response rates, reader engagement and loyalty can soar, get it wrong and it can irreversibly affect brands’ reputation and readership.

Publishers have benefited from partnerships covering both standard and more advanced email marketing techniques that can really deliver results, especially when looking at the broader communications picture. Tweaking content, design, send times, relevance, personalisation and integration with social media strategies can really help; and editorial teams can save significant amounts of time through automation techniques.

One of the most topical questions being asked by publishers is around mobile devices and how to develop and design effective email campaigns for iPads and other devices. Adestra can help using simple, and proven, best practice techniques.

Henry Hyder-Smith, MD at Adestra, says: “We already work with a number of major players in publishing and we are looking to further develop strategic partnerships with other AOP members. Even spending time on the basics can reap big rewards, and then more sophisticated email marketing techniques can be employed to automate email marketing and improve email relevance.”

Adestra is already working with major publishers such as Haymarket, Informa, Jane’s, Dennis Publishing, Incisive Media and Oxford University Press. Focused on delivering results for customers, Adestra provides everything from a strategic review of their complete marketing operation to simple broadcast assistance. The company helps brands optimise processes, boost revenues, and maximise ROI.

MessageFocus is Adestra’s enterprise, web-based email marketing platform.

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