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ACAP: New York update

ACAP, a ‘toolkit’ to enable publishers to communicate their varying online content access and usage policies in a language that search engine crawlers can understand, was launched in New York last week. AOP legal and public affairs were present to see the progress of the project after a year long pilot. The project has largely been driven by newspapers, with books and journals taking part - however, ACAP has much to offer all publishers providing online content.

The aim of the project, which will now expand and improve beyond the pilot, is to benefit consumers and aggregators, and help protect content owners intellectual property. The project adopts and builds upon existing standards - and allows publishers to produce online content with increased confidence.

ACAP version one is, however, just a start. AOP is organising a meeting with ACAP project manager, Mark Bide, to discuss how ACAP can be utilised by publishers.

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