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4 views on the state of online advertising

Ahead of next week’s Trading Revolution forum, taking place on Tuesday 22 March at the Blue Fin, we checked in with some of the speakers:

  • Tim Gentry, Guardian Commercial Head of Optimisation & Effectiveness
  • Marco Bertozzi, MD of Vivaki Nerve Centre
  • Martin Kelly, Managing Partner, Infectious Media
  • Steve Dorey, Director of Business Development, Criteo

We ask them about changes to online trading in the past six and next six months and how publishers should be structuring to take advantage of them.

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What has been the biggest change to the way you trade online in the past 6 months?

Tim Gentry: There has been an explosion in the complexity and breadth of our offering over the last 6-12 months in every aspect – targeting, ad formats, pricing, multiple platforms and devices, itself, open platform and guardian ad networks

Marco Bertozzi: The impact of technology on the delivery of advertising, whether that’s API buying or exchange and data strategies.

Martin Kelly: We only trade on ad exchanges, but the biggest tangible shift we're seeing is that our usage of data to target audiences effectively is increasing drastically.

Steve Dorey: The growth of real time bidding as a bone fide buying/selling methodology.

What will be the biggest change over the next 6?

Tim Gentry: We are expecting to see a significant shift to RTB, early experiments in data trading, very strong growth in mobile and our networks.

Marco Bertozzi: The focus from publishers on maximising their inventory and data through exchanges and what impact that has on traditional agency structures.

Martin Kelly: The digital media space is changing seismically at the moment and the move to platform-based trading will speed up. The reality however is the buy and sell side companies need to change their teams and skill up, so the biggest change is going to be organisations changing their people infrastructure to deal with the new landscape.

Steve Dorey: The growth of publisher-based use of RTB through private ad slots and integration via DSPs.

And the biggest opportunity for publishers?

Tim Gentry: Increased brand advertising investment and the disintermediation of performance budgets

Marco Bertozzi: This whole area is an opportunity - agencies are running towards this opportunity, some publishers are watching from the sidelines with their arms crossed

Martin Kelly: The fundamentals haven’t changed, advertisers still want to reach quality audiences. The challenge and opportunity for publishers is freeing and and monetising their data as this is their most valuable commodity.

Steve Dorey: There has been a shift over recent times with a re-assessment by advertisers that display can now deliver a performance based marketing channel with the added benefit of branding. This shift will see advertisers who have traditionally not invested in display testing the channel via the new buying technologies. Publishers who can take advantage of and test these new technologies on the sell-side will likely have access to new demand.

How should media owners be structuring their teams to take advantage of these changes?

Tim Gentry: We are focussed on developing expertise and resource in growth areas – creativity, optimisation, new platforms, and connecting brands with audiences in innovative ways that deliver value for both partners

Marco Bertozzi: I think it requires a level of expertise that works closely with the existing teams but has time to focus – not dissimilar to the agencies.

Martin Kelly: There’s no hard and fast rules, I would encourage media owners to experiment and make mistakes. Our team is naturally skewing towards statisticians and those with data technology skills, this is a good place to start.

Steve Dorey: Media owners need to make sure that they have the personnel in place that can a) understand and utilise the processes and technologies emerging and b) communicate internally the benefits while managing expectations.

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