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15 yr old faces wrath of

A listings website inspired by Wikipedia and Craigslist, created by 15 year-old Rosa Blaus with the help of her father Paul Youlden, has incurred the wrath of Yellow Pages.

The Yellowikis site has been accused of passing itself off as a legitimate arm of the telephone directory. Yell, which owns the Yellow Pages and brands in the UK, confirmed this week that it was taking legal action against the site, which it claims has infringed trademark rights with its name, logo and business directory.

The Yellowikis site allows any company to add and edit its own listings. has closed listings paid for by the advertisers. Although the Yellowikis site is based in Britain, only around 175 of its 5,000 listings are for businesses in the UK. But because the service is hosted on the mainland, Yell claims it is a violation of its trademark rights.

Yellowikis plans to fight the action, claiming that it is not trading off its rival. Many users of the site have pledged small donations to the legal fund, and it has also garnered support from a high-profile backer, Jimmy Wales, founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia. "We have offered Yellowikis financial help if they need it," he said.

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