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2008 News from AOP and the Industry

Online Communities "pure business preservation" for publishers

Online Communities are "pure business preservation" for publishers, said FT Alphaville Editor Paul Murphy, speaking at yesterday's AOP forum on developing communities online, chair ...more

JICIMS relaunches as UKOM

The UK Online Measurement company established by AOP and IAB to drive progress in online audience measurement The Joint Industry Committee for Internet Measurement Systems (JICIMS ...more

JICIMS structure change to move forward

Following a meeting of its board, the Joint Industry Committee for Internet Measurement Systems (JICIMS), has announced that it will be revising its structure in order to make prog ...more

Tom Rubin on copyright and search

“Policymakers understand little of what’s going on in online business, meanwhile, we’re still searching for a healthy symbiosis between media and tech firms, upon whom we’re depend ...more

Mobile web growing 8 x faster than PC-based web


Mobile web usage is growing eight times faster than PC-based web use according to the ‘Mobile Media View’ produced by Nielsen. The study highlights that almost 7.5 million Britons ...more

25-34 yrs key web demographic


Generation X-ers are active ’lifestyle’ users of the internet, with 49% regularly communicating via social networking sites, and 53% managing their finances and 56% booking travel ...more

Behavioural targeting at Westminster

The detractors of ISP-based behavioural targeting (BT) technologies such as Phorm would like to turn the clock back to a “horse-drawn" internet, "seizing on BT as a convenient excu ...more

“Social media is beyond the hype cycle”


On 11 December, AOP hosted a forum looking at developing communities in the digital age. We caught up with one of the speakers, Steve Semelsberger, SVP of Global Sales and Business ...more

Is social media living up to the hype?


Developing communities around content was the focus of AOP 's forum on 11 December. Ahead of the event, we caught up with one of the speakers, Richard Cole, Head of Communities at ...more

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