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2006 News from AOP and the Industry

Agreement on TV rules by end 2007

The first stage of the European debate on the reform of the Television Without Frontiers Directive has now ended with a vote in the Strasbourg Parliament. more

Gowers Review - AOP reaction

Andrew Gowers recently published the long-awaited Gowers Review of Intellectual Property (IP) law. The Report argues that in the modern world, the UK's economic competitiveness is ...more

Gowers Reforms to strengthen IP enforcement

Andrew Gowers has published the long-awaited Gowers Review of Intellectual Property (IP). AOP welcomes the Report's recognition that the IP system, on which the digital publishing ...more

Online tools put press in touch with the public

Ian Reeves, former editor of Press Gazette, argued that developments such as online video-sharing, blogs and podcasting mean that the public is becoming the press, speaking at a PP ...more

Junk food advertising outlawed

Restrictions on children's junk food advertisements on the internet, radio and billboards are being considered by a group of Department of Health civil servants, following the news ...more

US ruling finds libel hosts exempt

The California Supreme Court has ruled that bloggers and US internet providers are not liable for posting defamatory comments which are written by third parties. more

Crucial time for TVWF negotiations

The negotiations on the Television Without Frontiers Directive have reached a stage where they must be watched carefully to ensure no ‘behind doors deals’ are made. more

Latest TVWF text encouraging for media

The latest version of the European Council text on the proposed revisions to the Television Without Frontiers Directive is the most encouraging for publishers yet, according to dir ...more

YouTube removes Japanese video clips

YouTube has removed almost 30,000 video clips after an organisation representing the Japanese media industry complained over copyright concerns. more

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