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Email is dead: long live RSS!

"RSS may be to the web what PVRs (personal video recorders such as TiVo or Sky Plus) were to digital TV," said Mike Butcher, online journalist and editor of, intr ...more

Hesitation and laziness are holding back web standards

Speaking at the forum entitled Accountability – why bother on 15 June, Mike Seery, chief technology officer of the Economist group, said: "Advertisers need to be able to compare li ...more

AOP joins Publishing Skills Group

AOP has joined the Publishing Skills Group (PSG), an alliance of trade associations and training organisations across the book, journal, magazine, newspaper and online publishing s ...more

Broadband to revolutionise web publishing

Broadband technology is set to revolutionise internet publishing, according to speakers at an AOP forum, future proofing your online publishing business, yesterday. more

They will pay for content - but they demand choice

The half-day AOP forum aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing on areas such as subscriptions and micro-payments, looking at the different strategies implemented by both business-to- ...more

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