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October 2006 News On Digital Media & The AOP

YouTube removes Japanese video clips

YouTube has removed almost 30,000 video clips after an organisation representing the Japanese media industry complained over copyright concerns. more

AOP responds to EU on Content Online

AOP has responded on behalf of its members to a consultation by the European Commission asking online content providers to help determine what policies at European level are necess ...more

Universal sues for video copyright infingement

Universal Music is suing video-sharing websites and just a week after it agreed a partnership with YouTube to allow it to carry Universal artists' content lega ...more

Internet gambling outlawed in the US

Friday the 13th was certainly an unlucky day for Internet Gambling companies in the US as President Bush signed the SAFE (Security and Accountability for Every) Port Act and as a c ...more

AOP to host ACAP briefing

AOP has invited the project leader for the ACAP search engine initiative to come and hold a briefing for AOP members on the 15 November 2006 more

McCall: No divine right to success

“None of us has a divine right to success,” said Carolyn McCall, chief executive officer of Guardian Media Group, in her keynote speech at Content Evolution, the AOP Online Publish ...more

Publishing 2.0: Tim O’Reilly at Content Evolution - AOP Summit 2006

Tim O’Reilly, Web 2.0 pioneer, and founder and chief executive of O’Reilly Media, spoke about the ‘internetisation’ of everything at the AOP Online Publishing Conference, Content E ...more

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