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September 2006 News from AOP and the Industry

Search engine permissions project due to launch next month

Following the Belgian court decision against Google last week, a global taskforce headed by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has announced the imminent launch of a pilot p ...more

AOP champions publishers' interests online

AOP representatives attended two crucial meetings yesterday (21 September) to represent publishers’ interests at UK and EU level, on issues regarding defamation and territoriality, ...more

Usability demands emotional buy-in

Nichola Wilkinson, eCommerce manager, Incisive Media told delegates at an AOP forum on 19 September that usability is about the people, first and foremost. more

Belgian court bans Google crawl

A Belgian court has ruled that Google should stop publishing stories by French-language newspapers or face fines of €1m (£675m) for every day the content stays live. The complain ...more

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