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July 2008 News from AOP and the Industry

Trust key to targeting’s future

Speakers at AOP’s behavioural targeting (BT) forum, held at IPC Media on 30 July, predicted a future where all online ads have a ‘behavioural’ element - but respecting user privacy ...more

Web holds strong, says Bellwether

All sectors of marketing saw budget cuts with the exception of the internet, according to IPA's Bellwether Report for the second quarter of 2008. more

Mobile internet key for consumers


Web accessibilty is becoming a key consideration for mobile users, with 60 per cent of respondents saying mobile web access is important according to joint research conducted by AK ...more

Web boosts radio listening


The number of people listening to radio via the web has mushroomed to 14.5m, growing 2.5m since November, according to Rajar research. More people are also accessing web radio on a ...more

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