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June 2011 News from AOP and the Industry

Last chance to book 'Introducing a Product Culture'

Full programme released for event taking place on Wednesday 6 July at the Blue Fin. Speakers from BBC, Orange Digital, Guardian and more tackle why publishers should 'do product'.. ...more

How product works at Orange Digital


Orange Digital Head of Product and Innovation Daniel James on the product role at Orange, developing your offering in line with what users want, agile vs. waterfall development and ...more

Developing a paid iPad app – the Telegraph approach

An insight into the work behind the scenes on The Telegraph’s iPad app - moving from a free/insight gathering stage to paid. more

T3 partners with Renault for new 'video cover wrap' iPad ad

Renault has joined forces with T3, the UK’s premium technology lifestyle brand, to create the world’s first video cover-wrap for an iPad magazine. The innovative campaign, created ...more

Over 50s leading UK social network growth


The three most-popular social networking sites in the UK - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – each enjoyed record unique-audience figures last month, according to the latest official ...more

Haymarket CEO Kevin Costello completes lineup for AOP Summit CEO panel

Costello joins CEOs from ITV, Wall Street Journal and leading Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet on the opening panel at the AOP Summit on 14 October. more

Openness vs. Privacy – Drawing New Journalistic Lines at the AOP Summit

Following a year of Wikileaks, phone hacking & super-injunctions, on 14 October at the AOP Summit we examine how privacy is adapting to the digital age... more

Ten reasons publishers should adopt agile

IPC Media’s Web Technology Director Kelly Waters on why media owners should use agile in building new products instead of more traditional, micro-managed approaches. more

Helping your whole business understand what Product Managers do


Says Nic Newman: "The best way is just by practically showing how you add value – again and again. Pretty soon they’ll stop wondering what you do and start asking for you..." ...more

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