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May 2006 News On Digital Media & The AOP

India’s online population explodes into Top 10


The publishing world’s burgeoning interest in India will be further fuelled by news that the country has entered the ‘Top 10’ list of nations with the highest population of interne ...more

New ROI measurement revealed for brand awareness


The Post Office will be first to participate in a project which will apply a new method for measuring return on investment (ROI) for online ad campaigns. more

TNS set to launch all digital Ad ID service


Adscope - an all digital ad identification service is to be launched in the US in June by TNS Media Intelligence. It monitors online, magazine, newspaper, TV and radio ad occurence ...more

Blog, podcast and RSS advertising to reach $49.8m in 2006


Combined spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising is expected to grow 144.9 per cent to $49.8m in 2006 - up from $20.4m in 2005. The findings, released yesterday by PQ Media, ...more

IPSOS survey uncovers media habits of US business elite


The internet has been identified as the most important part of a business title’s overall offering, according to a survey of north America ’s top business elite, published this wee ...more

Internet rivals radio for news


Internet news sources are seen as being as important as radio, according to an international survey of attitudes to media commissioned by the BBC, Reuters and the Media Centre. more

Video brings alive

“Video has enabled our magazine brands to come alive online,” declared Condé Nast Interactive commercial director Serena Privett, arguing the case for video advertising on a panel ...more

Podcasting updates the brand

Podcasting and vodcasting (video on demand-casting) offer publishers an opportunity to update and reinvent their brands, and all media owners should be doing it, claimed Will Curri ...more

Personalisation not the Holy Grail

Personalisation can offer some added value when used appropriately, but demand has been over-hyped, claimed Peter Bale, editor of Times Online, speaking at ‘Tomorrow’s Web’, the PP ...more

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