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April 2012 News from AOP and the Industry

Digital Landscape Report 39 out now


The latest Digital Landscape Report for April is now available for members to download. more

Speakers announced for Data Journalism Forum

From Wikileaks to the MPs' expenses scandal, the biggest stories increasingly involve analysing huge amounts of data. more

Propel London releases 2012 digital salaries report

Propel London has released its latest Digital Salary Insights report, which takes data from more than 5,000 vacancies in the digital sector. more

Adobe InDesign 6 to include adaptive design tools for tablets & mobile

The newest version of InDesign – just announced for pre-order, is set to include a range of features to help publishing to multiple digital platforms. more

The main take-aways from AOP’s EU Privacy Directive Forum


The issue the Directive addresses is to ensure there is ‘informed consent’ to tracking – it’s not opt in or opt out and it’s not just cookies, but any form of tracking technology. more

AOP Ireland announces results of online ad engagement research


The study examined Irish Internet users’ attitudes to online content and their level of engagement across Irish newspaper, TV, radio and magazine sites, social networks and portals ...more

Data journalism - the Guardian approach

“A part of journalism of rapidly growing importance and seriousness.” more

IBM Marketing VP on 'business to person' publishing


IBM VP of Marketing Caroline Taylor on the defunct concept of the sales funnel, the differences between b2b and b2c and the increasing importance of publishers to brands. more

The difference between consent and opt-in

'Speaking in terms of opt-out or opt-in...forces you to choose between two untenable extremes.' more

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