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February 2009 News from AOP and the Industry

UKOM Update


Giving an update on UKOM (formerly known as JICIMS), UKOM General Manager Peter Bowman said: I believe we're on the way to providing what the online industry declared that it want ...more

AOP announces new co-Chair

AOP has announced the appointment of Tim Faircliff, General Manager of Consumer Media at Thomson Reuters, as the new AOP co-Chair to take up the role from March 2009 until March 20 ...more

Times Online Assistant Editor Tom Whitwell on SEO

In an interview with AOP, Tom Whitwell, Assistant Editor, Online, at The Times said: “Commentators often make a simplistic connection between soft stories and high traffic. more

Women's Space 2: UK women more engaged than ever online


The number of UK women regularly using social networks has grown by 53% in 12 months, according to Women’s Space 2, the IPC Media study exploring women’s use of the internet. more

Interview with Julian March, Executive Producer, Sky News Online


"Nowadays editorial teams have to deliver for multiple platforms simultaneously. That means a TV correspondent in Beijing having to file an online article and a radio piece at the ...more

Sun Online Editor Pete Picton on editorial technology


Speed: that’s the key to it. We’re now talking about a matter of seconds to be first to a story- which can make all the difference. If you’re first to a story, you’re the first to ...more

Child father story brings record traffic to


The Sun's exclusive on 13-year-old father Alfie Patten prompted an extraordinary boost for the paper's web traffic - making it the most popular story in the site’s history. more

Consumers with spending power more responsive to ads on niche sites than portals


Only 12 per cent of consumers claim to often pay attention advertising on portal sites The majority of UK Internet users with spending power are looking beyond web portals in sea ...more

New Report for AOP members - Digital Landscape Report


AOP is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at delivering added value for members through providing more insight into the current and future digital publishing environment. more

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