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Video interview with Mirror Group Digital Content Director Matt Kelly

AOP Summit 2010
Mirror Group Digital Content Director Matt Kelly is speaking at the AOP Summit on 15 October – ahead of the event, we got his views on the state of UK media and the effect of editorial and commercial collaboration on digital.

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Mirror’s Digital Content Director Matt Kelly

In the video, Kelly says UK digital media in a “terrifically strong position now. 3 or 4 years ago, we were in a bit of a hopeless position… But as an industry, we’ve got our act together… What’s special about UK media is that we’ve evolved in a very fiercely competitive environment, our products and our journalism are very strong – ultimately, that will be a great point of difference for UK media in a global internet market.”

At some point, says Kelly, “there’ll be a reconnection with the investment and the reward that is necessary to pay for all this content, then the next question is ‘are you creative enough? Have you got enough guts to innovate?’ – of course we have.”

In the video, he also gives his views on content providers such as Demand Media and Yahoo’s Associated Content, and the implications of publishers collaborating with them…

Of collaboration between editorial and commercial in digital, he says the question is becoming increasingly redundant, “The internet is the perfect forum for integrating those two functions, in a way that traditionally wasn’t either desirable or probably practical in print.”

Matt Kelly is speaking at the AOP Summit on the Editorial Panel, ‘World Class Editorial: Betting the farm on content?’ along with Chris Barr, Senior Editorial Director, Yahoo, Robert Cullen, Head of Newspapers and Magazines, Adobe, Marcus Wareham, Planning and Strategy Manager, Facebook. The Moderator for this session will be Dominic Collins, VP Portal & Audience Business Unit, Orange.

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