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Driving Value Through Video

13 Nov 2013
14.00 to 17:30
Incisive Media
32 - 34 Broadwick Street, London W1A 2HG

Event Description

Not only is video proving to be an incredibly powerful tool in engaging audiences and impacting on SEO, it is shown to be highly effective at generating brand awareness, new leads and sales. Not surprisingly, investment in this area is growing exponentially with ad spend is being diverted away from TV towards online video and new video divisions within agencies springing up.  If publishers are not to be left out,  it is vital that they seize the opportunity to develop an effective video strategy to ensure growth in this key area now. Less obvious however, particularly for non-broadcasters, is the direction this strategy should take.  While traditional broadcasters are naturally transposing their offline content online via advertising-funded TV catchups and video on demand - without the resources to produce proprietary long-form videos - the choices for non-broadcasters are less clear cut....and the solutions increasingly creative. This forum explores what makes an effective video strategy in terms of audience engagement and ROI and how different types of media owners are rising to the challenge. We explore the most effective options for revenue generation - including advertising, sponsorships and data-driven - and the best vehicles for video inventory sales - marketplaces, private exchanges, and direct.  We also look at and what technologies and services are available to help publishers develop this side of their business.  We ask: How can we drive audience engagement with dynamic and creative video content? What are the advantages of different sales vehicles and also where are the cons? Is RTB really a viable option for video.....and what value can data unlock? How do we harness the advantages of technology? Full Speaker line up: Parminder Bahra, Executive Producer, WSJ Europe Owen Hanks, General Manager Europe, YuMe Andrew Moore, Managing Director, SpotXchange Europe Thom Clark, Head of Play, iProspect Dan'l Hewitt, General Manager ADVICE, VICE Media (Moderator)