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Tomorrow's Web - PPAi/AOP interactive seminar at Magazines 2006

2 May 2006

Event Description

The ‘hype’ is back in hyperlink. The online industry is reinvigorated and in the midst of a web renaissance. What will this next phase of the internet mean for content providers? How can publishers position their businesses in a world of user choice and control?

PPAinteractive and AOP brought together more than 170 leading publishing professionals to discuss the technologies and trends having the greatest business impact in the 'Web 2.0' era, new ways of monetising content, brand advertising success stories, and the latest statistics on digital publishing today.

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The state of digital publishing today
Mark Lee-Amies presents new research findings from Deloitte.
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Web 2.0: Strategies for success
Pete Clifton, head of BBC News Interactive gives a keynote presentation addressing the concept of ‘web 2.0’ and explains how BBC News is adapting in a world of user choice and control.
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Battle of the technologies part 1: Content
Content delivery is evolving as publishers explore new and innovative ways to engage with users. This session explored the trends making the biggest impact and asked - which are the ‘bubbles’ of tomorrow? and where is the smart money being spent?

The branding effectiveness of the web
As digital publishing matures advertisers are waking up to the power of the web as a branding tool. Nick King, director of research at leading agency Diffiniti presents a brand advertising success story.
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Battle of the technologies part 2: Cash
The online industry is in the midst of a renaissance, bringing with it a multitude of new opportunities to monetise content. This session explored the new routes to revenue generation being employed by leading publishers:

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