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T's & C's

Terms and conditions of advertising or sponsoring AOP publication, website or events Any sum payable under this agreement not paid on or before the agreed due date may result in AOP passing the debt to a credit control company (Event sponsorship agreed dates are set as 1 (one) month prior to the event date.  Advertising agreed dates are set as date of publication of advertisement).  Upon signature of any sponsorship or advertising with AOP, any subsequent cancellation will incur a penalty payable calculated on the following basis:
  • If this agreement is cancelled at any time up to three months before the event date, or date  the advertisement is due to be published, the sponsor/advertiser will be liable to pay a sum equivalent to 30% of the total sponsorship/advertising cost.
  • If the agreement is cancelled within three months of the event date, the sponsor/advertiser will be liable to pay AOP the total sponsorship/advertisement cost.
  • Association of Online Publishers is registered in England.  Our company number is 07108279. 
    VAT registration number is 982 5691 73.