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AOP Summit 2012The best startups are celebrated for their agility, flexibility and speed. But how can established businesses in the middle of dramatic change replicate the approach of a lean startup?
This year’s AOP Summit looked at what publishers can learn from startups, and in particular those adopting the lean approach of “build, measure, learn”.
We also looked at other applications of the lean philosophy; delivering more value with the same or less resources by eliminating waste across organisations and business processes.
What are the key lessons for product development, recruitment, organisational structure and business model optimisation?
BBC, CBS, FT & the Telegraph all shared the tools emerging to help publishers run their businesses in a more agile way, at the opportunities created by new platforms and how to take advantage of them in the most effective way possible. Hash tag: #aopsummit

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Rob Fitzpatrick Summit 2012
What the lean startup methodology means

Rob Fitzpatrick, founder of the 10k Bootstrap Challenge, Founder Centric and
Can you make a business case out of African rats!? Check out Rob's Bootstrap challenge.

How publishers can apply lean thinking - Click to Read a summary of this panel
Which publishers are unleashing their inner startup? What are the particular challenges that face media businesses in trying to adopt lean techniques within their business, and how are they being overcome?
Noel Penzer, AOL MD UK & VP International, and AOP Summit panellist, speaks about learning and measuring for success

The Future of Ad Sales: Maths or Magic?: Chris Maples, Spotify VP Europe argues that 'the death of the Ad salesperson has been greatly exaggerated'

Cheap, easy and popular – data journalism for everyone
Read Kevin Anderson's slides on Data Visualisation. Click here.

Adaptive Design and User Experience
Device proliferation is forcing publishers to rethink their cross-platform strategies.
read how Laura Jenner and CBS work with an adaptive design CMS to accomodate all of their digital properties, regardless of platform. Click here
Chris Russell hints at a BBC News will see a “big launch” in its move to responsive web design next week when readers accessing the site on a mobile will be redirected to the responsive version of the site rather than the desktop version. Click here
Hardly any news led content is economically viableDavid Levin, CEO UBM

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AOP Summit 2012
The AOP Digital Publishing Summit is our annual flagship event, which took place this year on 12 October at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge in London. Park Plaza Hotel - Westminster Bridge