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AOP Summit 2011 Sponsors

AOP Summit 2011 sponsors

Rory Cellan-JonesSummit Moderator Rory Cellan-Jones
8.15-9.00 Registration and Breakfast Overall Sponsor - Rubicon Project 9.00-9.05 - Chair’s Welcome
- Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent, BBC

09.05-09.30 - Keynote: A Vision of the Commercial Opportunities in a Connected World
- Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director, Commercial and Online, ITV

One of the most high profile business leaders working in Britain today explores the opportunity that a joined-up media world presents, the creativity it can inspire and the increasing need to understand more about  who is consuming your content.

09.30-10.30 - Panel Discussion: The Big Picture
Media leaders from the worlds of newspapers, B2B, TV and pureplay digital come together to share their vision of the publishing landscape and what lies ahead for media owners in 2012. What are the biggest challenges facing us? And how should media businesses be responding to the trends and opportunities transforming the industry worldwide?

10.30-11.00 - 2,500 Hours of Olympics - Games on The Go
- Cait O’Riordan, Head of Product, Sport and 2012, BBC

Cait O'Riordan unveils details of how the BBC plans to deliver 2,500 hours of coverage of the 2012 London Olympics, direct to the user, on the platform of their choice. Using connected TV, mobile and browser platforms, in addition to its TV and radio output, the broadcaster plans to meet the enormous appetite of the UK public.  Cait will explain the challenges inherent in such a massive undertaking, how to communicate it to make sense for audiences and the technology that will turn concept into reality.

11.00-11.30  - Coffee & Networking

11.30-12.30  - Breakout Sessions A+B:

Panel A. Ask The Agencies

The rise of automated trading, agency trading desks and new trading models has brought a fundamental shift in the way that agencies operate. The boundaries are being blurred as they begin to act as both buyers and network-style sellers of publisher assets. But what does this mean to publishers, how do they need to adapt, and what opportunities and threats does it pose? This is your chance to quiz the leaders of some of the UK’s top agencies.

Ask the Agencies Panel speakers:

Panel B. Openness vs Privacy – Drawing new journalistic lines

Following a year of phone hacking, Wikileaks, and super injunctions, we examine how privacy is adapting to the digital age and a new era of openness within the public domain. How far should today’s journalists go in search of the story? What today is considered in the public interest? How does corporate compliance, responsibility and governance impact on editorial freedom? And just how fearful should people be?

Openness vs Privacy Panel speakers:

12.30-14.00 - Lunch

14.00-15.00 - Breakout Sessions C+D:

Panel C. Dealing in Data

As the trading marketplace continues to undergo radical shake-ups, led by emerging players and ground-shifting mergers, we examine the impact on media owners and ask if this really is the best way forward. Should media owners continue to trust third parties to manage their data sales, or can they join forces or even go it alone? Despite intense interest in data trading, we ask just how many publishers are actually making money in this area? How difficult or risky is it to be involved? Can publishers package and sell their own data or is it impractical? And how can standardisation, data protection and fair pricing issues ever be resolved?

Dealing in Data speakers include:

Panel D. Products for Profit

Strong product development is increasingly being seen as key to competitive advantage, user retention and business success. Media companies are adopting a more product-orientated strategy as they look to diversify their brands’ revenue streams. But what are the types of product that can make or save you money and how do you go about bringing them into existence?  In this panel we ask: Can revenue be increased through product function? How can technology make and save you money? Which tools, systems and techniques can help the process? How do you encourage a more product and user-centric culture?   

15.00-15.30  - Coffee Break

15.30-16.00 – Data-Driven Decision-Making
- Ashley Friedlein, CEO & Co-Founder, Econsultancy

Through a live demo of a new analytical tool that can estimate the monetary value of each unique visit, Ashley Friedlein will illustrate the powerful role of data in the digital sales cycle.  Using data from Google Analytics, he shows how publishers can determine the quality of visitors from various sources and make reliably informed decisions on where to invest time and resource – and how simple adjustments to communications can boost both site traffic and revenues.

16.00-16.30 – Keynote: The Future of TV: ‘Veg 2.0’
- Anthony Rose, Co-Founder and CTO, Zeebox and former CTO, YouView & Future Media Controller, BBC

Anthony Rose, ex-CTO of YouView and BBC Future Media Controller, reveals a future where connected TV, social and second screens all combine to deliver the ultimate lean-back TV experience in a converging media world.  “We must not ask much of consumers as this is still about ‘vegging’ in front of the TV, but with a twist, – this is ‘Veg 2.0’.”

16.30-17.00 – Keynote: Alex Blagg and the Bajillion Hits Way
- Alex Blagg, Founder, CEO & Stratmaster,
Making his first ever European appearance, Alex Blagg, the President, Chief Executive and Strat Master of, a social media guru, and self-described 'pre-eminent Internet techspert' presents his groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, pivot-disrupting theories and strategies on the future of the digital landscape.

17.00-17.10 - Closing Summary: Lee Baker, Director, AOP

17.10-19.00 - Drinks Reception sponsored by Admeld

Park Plaza Hotel - Westminster Bridge photo by Julian Povey