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Q&A: Sue Gray 'Insight to Engagement' the Channel4 way

Sue Gray C4Sue Gray is Head of Commercial and Corporate Research at Channel 4 where she places particular focus on the commercial application of C4's data initiative. Sue is speaking at our next event: AOP Research Forum: Meeting the challenge of changing consumer behaviour on 14 November.

What are the challenges of gaining greater data on users?
•    Creating a compelling reason for users / viewers to share their data
•    Ownership of data and restrictions of current legislation
•    Responsibility and standards re how that data will be stored and used
•    The war on Talent – finding the right people to make sense of all the data
•    Creating the data infrastructure to store, analyse and apply the data
•    Integrating the data throughout the business "operationalising data insights"

How do you encourage your audience to share more data?
•    In Channel 4’s case we have a range of viewer benefits to encourage registration: opportunities to see premiere content, full access to our entire programme library, online simulcast, personalisation, recommendations and online exclusive functionality

What challenges does data driven insight pose for traditional research and researchers?
•    The challenge / opportunity to integrate and enhance behavioural data with sample based research
•    Reconciling perspectives - Data led insight re a partial universe vs Research led insight from a representative universe
•    Integrating claimed vs actual behaviours – we have adopted a practical approach of understanding behaviours and research adds contextual colour – allowing us to understand "why" the behaviour took place.

How equipped are media owners to deal with it?
•    C4 had many of the skill sets in house but teams have been required to collaborate in different ways across our business – our Registration initiative has required skills ranging across data architecture, legal, analytics, product development, marketing and insight.  
•    However we did make major additional investment in new skill sets and staffing in the areas of Data Planning and Analytics and Customer Relationship Management.  We have also developed close relationships with UCL to foster future talent in this area as there is real skills shortage in the UK.

What do you think is the next big challenge around data for media owners?
•    Organisational agility – the ability for a media owner to respond to what the data is showing
•    Securing access to the "right" data  - as more OTT players enter the market disintermediation takes place.
•    Access to Metadata from across the media value chain (Indies, Owner, Advertisers) Find out moreBook your place– free for publisher members