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Q&A: BBC Technology Correspondent and AOP Summit Moderator Rory Cellan-Jones: 'Coming on the back of the Amazon Fire announcement and the success of the FT’s HTML5 app, the timing of the AOP Summit sees the balance of power tilted slightly in content owners’ favour. There’s been much hand-wringing at media conferences in the past over how publishers can adapt, but I’m looking forward to what I think will be a highly positive day on 14 October.' Q&A: Digital Spy Editor David Moynihan on press freedom: 'It’s a genuinely exciting time to be a journalist. We can publish faster and in a more interactive and instant manner than ever before. Fragmentation means there are more ‘editors’ and ‘publishers’ than ever before. But what we’re seeing is a press that is increasingly competitive and desperate for content as a direct result of that.' Q&A: Agile Product Management Expert Roman Pichler: 'The biggest mistake you can make is to adopt agile because of the hype. It’s more important to understand ‘is it the right approach for my company’ and ‘how should I go about introducing agile’? Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter solution, no template answer for the latter question.' Q&A: Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman on advertising & publisher data: 'I don’t believe there are many publishers making significant returns from selling their audience data. Rather, the opportunity for most comes from using data as a means to organise inventory and made it relevant for advertisers. This provides leverage against a publisher’s core business – creating high quality environments for advertisers to engage consumers.' From our Headline Media Partner Brand Republic: Know Your Value - Brand Republic Editor Rich Sutcliffe on the move to a metered paid model

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AOP Summit 2011 sponsors