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Shaping Your Digital Business for Success In 2010

9 Sep 2009
13.00 to 17:30
IPC Media
Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

This forum explored some of the management challenges and opportunities facing digital businesses as they turn their attention to 2010 and beyond:

How to manage the successive waves of organisational change that the coming years will require, how to keep the company lean as it continues to diversify, how to manage an ever-expanding range of digital products, how best to engage with the company's people.

Read our summary of the event:
Innovation – "not just around the edges, but at the core"

Read our interview with Tom Turcan, '2010 will see “Relentless pursuit of ROI, rather than reach”'

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Full Event Programme

Chair's Introduction and Overview - Download Presentationmembers only
Tom Turcan, Founder, Runcat Consulting

  • Market context: what (ever) next?
  • Making strategy relevant
  • The challenges change presents

Building Products With Impact In A Changing Digital Landscape - Download Presentationmembers only
Mary Beth Christie, Head of Product Management,

  • Setting priorities
  • Solve the problem; don't build a solution
  • The right rhythm - sprints vs distance
  • Giving birth to a new product is just the beginning

Managing An Efficient Digital Transformation - Download Presentationmembers only
Howard Davies, Media Partner, Deloitte

  • Structuring an effective traditional/digital organisation
  • Balancing revenues and resources appropriately
  • Managing the an uncertain destination

Managing People Through Change - Download Presentationmembers only
Dr. Dietmar Schantin, Group Director, Editorial, Advertising and General Management, WAN-IFRA

  • Why getting it right is vital
  • Helping staff adapt to change
  • Supporting and motivating individuals through change

The Trader Transition - Case Study: Trader Media Group
Edwin Ulak, Publishing Director (Digital), Trader Media Group

  • The Transitional Journey of Trader Media
  • Challenges, opportunities and results
  • Preparing for 2010