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Research Forum

11 Sep 2013
14.00 to 17:30
Incisive Media
32 - 34 Broadwick Street, London W1A 2HG

Event Description

Understanding how today's diversified and fragmented media landscape impacts on audience relationships - both with media and brands - is crucial forumhashfor our long-term success. Armed with such knowledge, publishers are able develop more engaging channels, products and communications streams, demonstrate more value to advertisers and, ultimately, demand higher returns for their audiences and assets. Ground-breaking, innovative research projects and techniques employed by some publishers are now pointing the way forward. They are revealing how different devices and formats like social media are changing consumer behaviour towards brands. While new insight also reveals that collaboration could well be part of the answer. This forum brings together leading industry research specialists to discuss the emerging trends in this area, to share the findings of some of the most cutting-edge research and to demonstrate how this can then be applied to add value to media businesses. We reveal:
* The results of AOP's industry-wide insight project "Strength of Voice - the value of Content Partnerships"
* Five case histories demonstrating content partnerships across a range of media and brand categories
* Ground-breaking proprietary research into the effectiveness and emotional impact of dual-screen advertising
* Emerging agency trends
* Insight from the world's largest social media / brand partner Speakers include:
Dan CalladineHead of Media Futures, Carat Global Management (Moderator)
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Alex NorthMeasurement Partnership Lead, EMEA, Facebook
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Holly ChartSenior Commercial Research Executive, ITV
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Anna SpencerCommercial Research Manager, ITV
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Rhiannon Griffiths, Head of Research, Audience Department, Guardian News & Media
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Mat Riches, Associate Director, Crowd DNA
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Rob Ellis
Founding Director, COG Research
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