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Q&A: Mark Riseley improving campaign impact at Google

Mark Riseley GoogleGoogle Product Marketing Manager, Mark Riseley is speaking at our next event: AOP Research Forum: Meeting the challenge of changing consumer behaviour on 14 November.
Alongside Guardian's Ian Gibbs & Carat Digital Strategy Director, Anne McCreary, Mark will discuss 'New Behavioural Metrics - improving campaign impact'.
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What’s wrong with the way campaign impact is measured currently?

The IAB paper by Professor Paul Lavrakas documents some of the well known methodological issues with campaign measurement of online advertising. Beyond that however, it is worth asking the question whether the output metrics around brand awareness, consideration etc. remain the best available predictors of campaign success. Brand metrics have always been some kind of proxy for the ultimate value campaigns deliver in driving sales, margin, loyalty etc. We should at least consider whether there are new behavioral metrics and methods that can augment insights from the brand metrics we are all used to.

How difficult is it to get brands and agencies to consider different measurements of effectiveness and what needs to change to encourage that?

It’s really tough. I think you have to start by positioning other measures, such as neurological response or online activity as supplementary insights alongside traditional measures. It’s important to remember why brand metrics are so popular - a) because they are (relatively) easy to ask, b) we’re used to using them, and c) because they disentangle the job that marketing and advertising is supposed to do from the interaction with the product, merchandising, the store sales environment etc that has such a big influence on sales. I think the hardest but most important job is to create the bridge between new behavioral metrics and existing brand and sales metrics.

Which are the most significant shifts in consumer behaviour towards online advertising that you’ve noticed?

The most important trend is the shift towards mobile, which means we all have to think very carefully about the right formats for smaller screens with different modes of usage, so we are seeing a number of innovations to make this an effective advertising platform using the unique features of mobile such as location awareness and calling ability.

Which new measures do you think will get most traction with the advertising community?

I think there’s a ton of insight you can gain from looking at search behaviors and I see the advertising industry already using this, but this can only grow. I also think engagement measures such as completion rates on skippable video ads potentially provides great insight on creative quality.

Are media owners equipped to provide better measurement?

Media owners have a variety of ways to look at measurement which can be complemented by tools which offer data insights such as Google Trends, and features of advertising platforms which offer new research possibilities such as A/B experiments using geo-targeting. The task at hand is for the media industry to work closely with research companies to build this into “business as usual” measurement.

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