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Noel Penzer, VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, AOL Europe

In his role as the Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Noel is responsible for adding value to existing relationships as well as pursuing new opportunities for AOL Europe.

He manages and adds value to key strategic partnerships such as Talk Talk Group and Hansonnet who operate AOL’s ISP business in the UK and Germany, as well as developing other key partnerships with the likes of Yahoo! and Google.

He is responsible for executing new deals with content creators and service providers to enhance AOL’s consumer offering and elevate its position in the marketplace.

Most recently, Noel was instrumental in signing Dannii Minogue as a Contributing Editor to AOL’s new women’s site as part of AOL’s strategy to provide premium and unique digital content to AOL's audiences. Noel also focuses on distributing and syndicating AOL's content to third party publishers and websites globally to ensure that AOL is able to deliver content to audiences at scale - driving new users to AOL's network of content properties.

Prior to working at AOL, Noel was Business Development Director at Warner Music EMEA, where he was part of the senior management team for UK and EMEA, responsible for driving new revenues with leading digital companies such as We7 and Sky amongst others.

He also worked with a broad range of Warner’s artists to create branded entertainment solutions. Noel previously held senior management positions and roles in business development, advertising at Musiwave, flytxt and Mondus.

Noel appeared at Maintaining editorial integrity and making partnerships pay on 17 February - find out more about the event.

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