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Naomi Climer, Vice President, Sony Europe

Naomi Climer
Naomi Climer joined Sony in 2002 and was appointed Vice President of Sony Europe in May 2006.

She is responsible for leading the continued expansion of Sony’s Professional business in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The professional business provides solutions and services to entertainment segments such as media, broadcast, digital signage and digital cinema as well as other B2B markets such assecurity, healthcare and education.

The overall mission of the division is to bring ‘Visual Wealth’ to businesses and their customers through innovative application of technology.

As part of the overall Sony Europe team, Naomi also plays a major role in the development and delivery of solutions harnessing the expertise of ‘Sony United’, such as sustaining the rate of adoption of High Definition and 3D technologies, delivering content to multiple consumer platforms from TVs to games consoles, innovating in the area of Sport content acquisition and distribution, establishing Sony as IPTV innovators, as well as building the strongest possible business case for migration to digital cinema across Europe.

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