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AOP Forum - Mobile First?

19 Feb 2014
14.00 to 17:00
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The Hatton, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8HN

Event Description

Our first forum of the year took place on Wednesday 19th February to another sell out audience

Event moderator Keith Walker, Head of Digital: Film, Games & Tech, Future plc gave us a round up of what he took from the programme  "It was great to see real-world examples from Chris Russell at Trinity Mirror. Explaining the impact on all areas of the business and the change in culture that the teams have had to adopt will save time for those moving to a mobile-first strategy. Ross Sleight's mobile manifesto set down how publishers will have to think about delivering the content or service that users need and should avoid getting hung up on how the content is delivered.  Niko Schroer's explanation of multi-screen - not small-screen made perfect sense. His work at Google has proven that as publishers we need to focus on content delivery - not device optimisation. Users are consuming our content on a wider range of devices everyday and if you want them to engage - it has to work on every platform. People expect it to 'just work'. I thought it was fascinating when Claire Valoti explained how fast Facebook moved in switching their business to mobile-first. The pace that Facebook's mobile revenues have outstripped their traditional model (and influenced what's sold on desktop) showed everyone what can be achieved if the focus on delivery is present - even in massive companies"

Facebooks Claire Valoti presented "Facebook; A mobile First Company"

Here are her top five tips for a successful mobile stragtegy
  1. Its never too late to make your company mobile first
  2. Mobile should not be an add on to your business but be integrated to everything you do
  3. Use mobile to solve business challenges for your customers
  4. Keeping innovating in your proposition and take your people on that journey
  5. Mobile can create new opportunities for your business…take them!

View Ross' presentation "Here be dragons" click below 

View Chris' presentation "Mobile Product Strategy" here 

Read more about our speaker panel in their bios: Ross Sleight, Chief Strategy Officer, Somo
Chris Russell, Head of Product,Trinity Mirror Digital
Niko Schröer, Mobile Product Specialist in the Publisher team, Google
Claire Valoti, Head of Sales, Facebook UK  We look forward to seeing you at our next event