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Making video work for you

18 Jun 2008
13.00 to 17:30
IPC Media Offices
Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

Nancy Cruickshank, global CEO, VideoJug, Telegraph digital media director Alison Reay, Robert Black of UTarget and Justin White, business director of Neo@Ogilvy all spoke at AOP’s Video forum on 18 June. Tangozebra founder James Booth chaired the event.

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Presentations are available to AOP members to download:

nancy cruickshank
Incorporating VideoDownload Type: ppt
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Nancy Cruickshank, Global CEO, VideoJug

An informative session, using illustrative examples, to bring publishers up to speed with incorporating video content.

  • Key issues that online publishers need to understand
  • Syndicating content
  • Barriers to entry
  • Where video content is heading

Robert Black, Utarget
Making Video Content PayDownload Type: ppt
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Robert Black, Business development director, Utarget

A specialist online video advertising network examined how best to monetise video content.

  • Advertising and other income
  • Video players
  • Formats for the web and portable media
  • Securing the best financial returns

The Agency PerspectiveDownload Type: ppt
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Justin White, Business director, Neo@Ogilvy

A leading agency walked through how agencies approach campaigns and how publishers can position themselves to be a valuable partner in delivering against campaign and brand objectives. The focuswas on:

  • Adding value to a client’s campaign
  • Objective based proposals
  • Differentiation versus commoditisation
  • How to approach a ‘new’ offering

alison reay
The Publisher’s PerspectiveDownload Type: ppt
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Alison Reay, New media director, Telegraph

This session looked at some of the innovative ways publishers are integrating video content into their content offerings to more deeply connect with consumers and to attract revenue. We looked at:

  • Telegraph TV. What it is and how it works as a VOD proposition
  • Which campaigns are successful and why. With examples
  • Case Study: The challenges, strategy, execution and results