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Katie Eyton, executive director, head of operations at Manning Gottlieb OMD

I have 15 years media experience, with a background in digital performance marketing. In my current role as Head of Operations, I form part of the agency’s commercial team, accountable for the delivery of our annual financial plan and overall P&L. I also have a secondary remit as the digital lead on the company’s Performance Management Team, where my responsibilities include technology partnerships, and working alongside the planning teams and Accuen to develop data driven real-time bidding (RTB) strategies for our clients.

I’ve been with Manning Gottlieb for 11 years, during which I have worked with a wide range of clients, and have been a digital specialist since the early days of the dotcom boom in 2000, when the average CTR for a banner was 2% and everyone wore short trousers and ironic glasses.