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James Smythe, Managing Director, Culture of Insight

James SmytheAfter 12 years learning the research tricks of media owners, media agencies and research companies, James set up his own research outsourcing company in 2009. Culture of Insight supports research strategy and management from media companies who want to grow the value they get from restricted research budgets. James works as UKOM general manager on behalf of the AOP and IAB, and his company also works with clients like Primark, ESPN, BBC, Kantar and the Centre for Brand Analysis. In the scraps of free time allowed after running a small business and being a dad, James volunteers as a manager of the GB canoeing team. He is probably the only person in London to commute to work by kayak. James is speaking at The AOP B2B Conference on 14 March - find out more about the event or book your place now.