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iPad/Tablet Forum

25 Jan 2012
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

iPad Game for CatsiPad Game for Cats by windsordi
#ukaop The launch of Apple Newsstand in October has lit a fire under publishers’ tablet efforts. Its early take-up bodes well for traditional publishers under increasing pressure to produce big gains on mobile platforms, while controlling costs. At this forum, we presented a series of talks and a Q&A session on developing iPad apps from four leading companies, covering development and design, through to delivery and fulfilment. Our speakers covered iPad case studies from all corners of UK media: magazines, broadcasting, newspapers and books:

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Introduction from Event Chairman – the state of the tablet marketplace Tim Rowell, Client Strategy Director, EMEA, Tigerspike Lessons from Future’s 65 edition Newsstand launch
  • FutureFolio – the benefits of in-house platform
  • HD Vs. SD and the iPhone
  • Working with Apple
  • Sampling and marketing
Mike Goldsmith, Editor-in-Chief, iPad & Tablet Editions, Future Publishing - download presentationDownload Type: pdf
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(members only) DK Eyewitness Travel for iPad – a UX/UI Case Study
  • An approach to usability and design that showcases content designed for print
  • Including comprehensive navigation, maintaining user engagement and balancing existing convention with innovation
  • Designing a new interactive and visual language for the DK Eyewitness apps
  • Devising a semantic web publishing process to automate content from print to digital to app
Alex Morrison, MD, Cogapp - developer of the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide apps - download presentationDownload Type: zip
Download Size: 84348k
(members only) The Times on iPad – making the tablet pay
  • Background - what we did, how we did it and what we achieved
  • What we learnt about making the tablet pay and building a loyal audience.
  • Future opportunities - Some thoughts on how the market might shape and what publishers should look out for
  • Read our interview with Lee
Lee Wilkinson, Head of Product Strategy - Devices at News International  Channel 4 & app sponsorship – the case for free, ad-sponsored on iPad
  • The tablet advertising space & where C4 sees this fitting in
  • Approach & execution of sponsorship on 4oD iPad app
  • C4 sponsorship of the Guardian on iPad
  • Future roadmap for 4oD on tablets
Ed Couchman, Commercial Controller, Channel 4 - download presentationDownload Type: ppt
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(members only)

Key points to consider
  • What’s different about iPad/tablet apps as a product, and where they fit in your mobile strategy
  • Maintaining premium pricing, managing VAT & Apple’s 30% cut
  • The learnings around selling bundled print and digital subscriptions
  • The state of tablet advertising and getting agencies up to speed
  • Getting ready for the Kindle Fire and its ‘forked Android’ code base