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AOP/Mozilla Hack Day 2012 - Hack the Ad

11 Oct 2012
08.00 to 17.00 on 12/10/2012

Event Description

AOP Hack Day 2011AOP & Mozilla's HTML5-themed hack day in 2011A two day Hack event- 9am-5pm on 11-12 October Rubicon Project
Supported by the Rubicon Project
The proposed theme for this year is ‘Hack the Ad’: advertising is still by a long way the predominant business model of news organisations, and crucial to supporting the future of journalism online. But is there enough innovation and experimentation in this area from media owners themselves? A couple of suggested areas:
  • Tablet/HTML5 expandable ad formats – aiming for higher engagement in smaller Mobile space/lower levels of intrusiveness – eg the Mail’s floating ad, which disappears when you scroll down.
  • Node.js is the HTML5 of this year – focus on real time ads
  • But ideally we would keep ‘hack the ad’ open to hackers own pitches and suggestions, relating back to specific issues experienced by member companies on a day-to-day basis
Find out more about last year's AOP/Mozilla hack day here.
“The hack format was great, set over two days was a good choice, the themes - as we were all from publishing backgrounds - were very relevant and I met lots of people that do what I do.”
What is a hack day?
  • A hack day brings together Web developers, graphic designers and journalists - people wanting to build new tools and explore new ideas.
  • It's a two day event where participants think up ideas, pitch concepts to each other, and form teams to quickly build as much as they can.
  • The 2nd day will run alongside our main event of the year – the AOP Summit, with results presented to our panel of expert judges, and prizes awarded in front of the leading lights of UK media (ie – the main room of delegates attending our flagship event!)
  • Summit Host, BBC Journalist Spencer Kelly to interview the top 3 projects and winners before the final Summit keynote
  • Feedback from one hacker last year:
“The way 'you guys' did the idea selection - an elevator pitch - was the best start to the day - it gave devs. the opportunity to speak up and not get shot down by a PM or politics. (except my illegal idea) and find people that were interested and then hack 'til the sun went down - also starting 'cold' was good - as nobody could "bring" anything with them.”
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