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AOP Innovation Forum

5 Dec 2012
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

AOP Innovation Forum Dec 5th ‘Innovation: Technologies & Trends affecting the Digital Publishing Landscape’ We looked at how Digital Publishing is evolving in the context of new technologies, and the alliances that content businesses can strike to increase the visibility of, and engagement with their brands.

The Event was chaired by Peter Kirwan, Journalist & Communications professional, who writes about technology, media and advertising for The Guardian, Press Gazette and Wired.
Speakers included: 
  • Peter Kirwan, Journalist (Chair)
  • Miles Lewis, VP, European Sales at Shazam Entertainment
  • Andrew Gillham, EE (Everything Everywhere)
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  • Martin Bailie, Commercial Strategy Director at glue Isobar
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  • Benedict Evans, Enders Analysis
  • Multi-screens (Zeebox, Shazam)
  • Location based services and mobile payment (EverythingEverywhere & NFC)
  • ‘The Internet of things’ – e.g vending machines that have an IP connection