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The AOP Research Forum

14 Nov 2012
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

Meeting the challenge of changing consumer behaviour

We’re all digital consumers, but how does our changing use of platforms and devices impact our online behaviour  and our consumption of online media? We asked what that means for brands using digital channels to communicate with consumers, and examining how media owners are adapting along with other key questions How do we measure the impact of that interaction and do we need to adopt new behavioural metrics? How important is data driven insight for targeted development and commercialising audiences? Which behavioural and attitudinal media engagement factors are most strongly associated with ad effectiveness? What new planning tool can help media planners assess the quality of their intended target audience? How are we building insight through social media and what are the learnings and opportunities from the multiple screen usage of connected consumers?
James SmytheThe Event was chaired by James Smythe, who commented,
"As human beings we're hard-wired to optimise the returns we get from the time we spend, from fulfilling basic needs to first-world preoccupations.
New tech quickly offers us more efficient ways of getting what we want. The important point from this is that the consumer's not changing fundamentally, but his/her tools are. Things that are good about legacy media (such as funny TV) survive. What's bad (manual TV tuning, 3 channels) does not.
The internet has set a difficult precedent of free content, which is clearly unsustainable. But the consumer need for efficiency of fulfilment means the business opportunity for content providers is still about getting entertainment or information to the consumer as quickly and easily as possible.

Speakers included: 

• James Smythe, MD Culture of Insight (Chair) • Mark Riseley, Group Product Marketing Manager, Google  • Sue Gray, Head of Advertising Research and Development , Channel 4 • Ian Gibbs, Commercial Planning Manager, Guardian • Anne McCreary, Digital Strategy Director, Carat Click for speaker details


Introduction & the Landscape view - James Smythe (Chair)

Real-time: changing the way we consume media - Anne McCreary click for presentation How does the emergence of real-time effect brand story-telling and consumer participation?  
Can brands take advantage of personalized communications with consumers in order to benefit from “immediacy buying”?  
Will this change the relationship between brands and media owners moving forward?

Data driven insight for targeted development - Sue Gray click for presentation How Channel 4 are using data driven insight to grow audiences and deepen engagement through added value content and commercial activities

'New Behavioural Metrics' - Mark Riseley click for presentation Provide new ways of measuring old metrics
  • running A/B experiments to measure incremental lift of ads on branding metrics
  • using geo-targeting capability to measure sales lift.
  • Offer new outcome metrics alongside existing metrics
  • search as a proxy for brand interest, skip rates on video ads as a proxy for creative / message saliency
Evolve into new ways of buying that are integrated with behavioral feedback
TrueView on YouTube uses skip rates to drive the buying model (akin to search)

Engagement: What's in it for advertisers? - Ian Gibbs click for presentation Engagement matters. It is the topic that won’t go away and is only increasing in significance for advertisers as consumers’ attention is spread across an ever expanding array of digital platforms. It is vital for advertisers to understand