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AOP Forum - Perfecting the Freemium Model

12 Sep 2012
13.00 to 17:00
Blue Fin Building
Southwark Street, London

Event Description

In the last year we’ve seen a spike in paid content innovation for publishers. From a massive shift to paid in b2b, to the growth of paid apps on the consumer side, to micropayment models for broadcast. As the debate has shifted from ‘how can you charge for digital content’ to ‘how can you afford not to’ – this event looked at a variety of publishers’ paid strategies, sharing case studies on what works, what we’ve learned so far and how user insight is helping publishers perfect the freemium model.  Speakers include: Key questions How data is being used to inform paid strategies? Pricing strategies and bundling – can free web services and paid apps work together?What are the implications of combining online and offline & VAT? The Perspective – how have content consumption habits and platform usage shifted the way we communicate with our audiences The publisher – Where the modern publisher content strategy has evolved to, including freemium models for publishers, paid content and micropayment strategies. Payment Systems – how to successfully deploy promotion and marketing of paid content systems allowing publishers to focus on producing content, and the insights from online subscriptions and analysis of user behavior. The Disruptor – the view from a brand who understands the importance of getting the level of gated access correct to encourage conversion, and the need to scale for success.

Tom Whitwell  "Product is simple. It’s Customer service that’s hard." Tom Whitwell

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The Twitter hashtag for this event was #ukaop Members can download speaker presentations below   Autosport: Taking its users on the journey
  • Embrace the Model: ‘A Paywall saved us’
  • What People will pay for: Features, Comments, Analysis, Images, Stats & No Ads
  • Cherish the engaged - The 1% of Autosport’s audience who provide 11% of traffic
Rob Aherne Publisher Autosport             Success through content analysis
  • New models are full of surprises. Don’t make assumptions. Base decisions on data
  • Content is king, but form and User experience matter
Ján Cifra, CFO, Piano Media jan-cifra-presentation The Paywall Experiment realised
  • Debunking the naysayers
  • Know more about the regsitered few
  • Be Fearless, hire Fearless people
Tom Whitwell, Assistant Editor, The Times
Free for all, a fair deal for Artists
  • Focus on what YOU're doing, not your competitors
  • Consumers 'get' tech, faster than Tech companies do
  • Make 'Paid for content' Amazing
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