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B2B Forum - making business communities work online

29 Apr 2009
13.00 to 17:30
IPC Media
Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

Display advertising is just one of several important revenue streams for digital business publishers, said the speakers at AOP’s B2B forum on 29 April, and online communities can be a key factor in developing diversified revenue streams even further.

They may not always bring an instant surge in traffic, but are crucial for building a loyal, engaged user base, and can provide a massive boost to your market research efforts.

Tony Hallett, CBS Interactive's Editorial Director of Technology and Business gave a definitive set of tips around community...Read the full report on AOP's B2B Communities Forum.

The event was chaired by Reed Business Information Managing Director Dominic Feltham

Getting Together Online

UBM Live's Digital Director John Welsh gave an overview, speaking on the difference between 1st and 2nd generation websites, explaining what defines communities online and why these communities matter.

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Building Communities - Making A Start

Paul Hartigan, CEO of PharmiWeb Solutions will explain the Challenges of a B2B vertical, how to get from ‘traffic’ to ‘users’ to ‘communities’ and the technical and commercial considerations of online communities.

Communities In Action - Case Studies: ZDNet UK /

With two case studies, CBS Interactive's Editorial Director of Technology and Business, Tony Hallett, will give the practical focus on having the right expectations, engaging a B2B audience, the potential results and rewards and the CBS Interactive experience.

Monetising Your Community Assets

SIFT CEO Ben Heald spoke about how to attract advertisers, the role of community managers in revenue generation, including social media in ad campaign planning, Integrated campaigns: online and face-2-face and successful community campaigns which Sift has carried out.

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