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Email Marketing Training

7 Jun 2009
08.30 to 16:30
BSG House
226-236 City Road London EC1V 2TT


Email continues to be invaluable as a customer communications tool despite ongoing challenges centred around deliverability and in-box standout. An email marketing expert will demonstrate how results and deliverability can by significantly improved by addressing common challenges head-on.

Who should attend?

It’s useful to have some experience of email marketing is required, but the course is suitable for anyone who manages campaigns or enewsletters and wants better results from their communications, whether in-house or agency staff.

How will I benefit?

You will use targeted online marketing techniques and strategies to maximise deliverability and ensure that your messages reach the appropriate target. This in turn, will enable you to adopt an approach of continuous improvement with your online marketing campaigns to boost results and profitability.

What will I learn?

All aspects of email marketing planning, from setting realistic objectives and strategies through to improving deliverability. This in-depth course will cover the following topics:

Email marketing planning

  • Setting realistic objectives
  • Reviewing options for email communications preferences and profiles
  • Defining an appropriate touch strategy
  • Getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting
  • Strategies to improve deliverability
  • Briefing on the latest privacy laws, guidelines and codes

Improving email campaign results

  • Defining multi-message campaigns
  • Multichannel marketing - integrating email with offline marketing
  • Using behavioural / response-based targeting

Improving enewsletter results

  • Assessing current enewsletter effectiveness beyond open and click rates
  • Matching content and offers to audiences to achieve results
  • Integrating enewsletter and campaign activity
  • Improving your enewsletter templates to increase response

Cost: £495 + VAT, 0207 681 4122